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Here are some quick answers to some frequently asked questions. If you can’t find what you need, message us via chat at the bottom right or else email us at

Sizing & Fit

Absolutely! Visit us in store at Unit 4, The Mart House, Leopardstown Road, Dublin 18.

We carry sizes 6 to 20. If you see a style in a size that is not yours but you would like us to stock it, let us know and we will try to source it! We are always expanding our size range so if there are brands or particular dresses you would like us to try to source please let us know.


Simple! The exact same as shopping online. Browse through, fall in love, select when you need it and for how long and that’s that. Into the basket it goes! Pay for your garment and delivery. Alternatively, visit us in store at Unit 4, The Mart House, Leopardstown Road, Dublin 18.

As soon as you like (within reason), order before 12pm for next day delivery. Or, if you want your delivery for a future date, simply select the start date of your rental and your parcel will arrive on that day guaranteed. We use DPD to deliver our items, so on delivery day you'll receive an email and text with a one hour time slot for delivery. Alternatively, visit us in store at Unit 4, The Mart House, Leopardstown Road, Dublin 18.

Minimum of 3 days, maximum of 10 on the website. We can make an arrangement for extended rentals! Just email us at

We can make an arrangement for extended rentals! Just email us at

Absolutely! We encourage you to rent as many items as you’d like. Many of our clients rent for day 1 & day 2 of weddings!

Happy days work on a trusting basis, we trust that customers will treasure the items like they were their own. However, we know that accidents definitely happen (they have happened to us more than once!) So please let us know if the items are damaged and we can work something out. 


We’re big on punctuality and speed. We offer next day delivery in Ireland if you order by 12pm.


We made this real simple: In your delivery bag you will find a prepaid return mailing bag. When you’re ready to send off your garment, place it in the returns bag and DPD will collect it.

If you rented directly from the store, please drop it back on the final day of your rental period. If not a late fee of €20 a day will apply.

Drop us an email and we can sort this out for you! We want this to be a stress-free experience for our customers.

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Cleaning and Sourcing

Please don’t attempt to clean/repair items yourself!

Our incredible laundering and repairs team handle all of the cleaning and pressing of the garments, making them look as good as new. The thing is, they can only do that if they’re ‘first at the scene’ of any spillages and/or damage. Cleaning is included in the cost of your rental.

The items will be cleaned by our eco-friendly laundry partner, the Laundry press. However, some items may need extra care and will need to be dry cleaned the old fashioned way. We use our local friendly dry cleaners - G & M dry cleaners.

We try to source everything either second hand, from slow fashion brands or previous season items that were not sold. We do not want to support any fast fashion practices so try and source previous season items or from smaller brands who only create made to order items, therefore, creating no waste.

Absolutely! We want Happy Days to be as circular as possible so would love for you to contact us if you have any items to sell. All items must go through a rigorous quality check before we can commit to purchasing.


If you return an item late, you will incur a €20 per day late fee. To avoid this, return items to us no later than the date that is specified in your order sheet, as someone else might have rented them right after you.

We care a lot about our garments, so in the case of outright loss of a garment, we will, unfortunately, have to charge the full market value.

Once it’s been dispatched we, unfortunately, can’t stop it. However, if you have made a reservation for the future please contact us to cancel on and we’ll see what we can do!

We love hearing from you, and are here to go above and beyond to solve any problem you may have. Here’s how to hit us up: 


Phone/WhatsApp/SMS: 083 099 4293

DM: on Instagram

Or, use the live chat bubble on the bottom right of our website. 

Unfortunately not! We have no plans to expand yet but never say never!!

Yes, you can, please see the gift card section on the website.

First of all, we’re so glad you fell in love! Get in touch with us and we will see if we can sell it to you. Sometimes an item is new and cannot be sold yet (after all we are trying to solve the issue of fast fashion by creating a sharing service).

Flexible Cancellations

Free cancellations up to 10 days before your booking date.