As we want to make efforts to be as sustainable as possible at Happy Days, we have partnered with the Laundry Press who take care of the cleaning of our dresses post rental.

The Laundry Press

Our Cleaning Process

All dresses are professionally cleaned post-rental


The Laundry Press is an Irish owned laundry company. All of their cleaning is 100% toxic-free and eco-friendly using only bio and natural detergents: gentler on your skin, garments, and the environment. Their modern and eco approach to cleaning is known as wet cleaning.

Wet cleaning is paving the way for the future of dry cleaning in Dublin. This modern cleaning method eliminates toxicity in the air and also on clothes! The cleaning machines used at The Laundry Press are specially designed by experts at Lagoon advanced care to ensure less consumption of water and emissions.

Happy Days Fashion Rental Packaging

Reusable bags

Compostable Packaging

We use reusable garment bags for all of our items that are picked up in store and have fully biodegradable bags for items that are delivered to customers.

Flexible Cancellations

Free cancellations up to 10 days before your booking date.